IRS Water Damage Repair Las Vegas

Fire Damage

IRS Water Damage Repair Las Vegas

Rapid response

Once the fire brigade has taken care of the fire inside the facility and everything is under control, you need a rapid response team to bring everything under control professionally and provide you with damage mitigation and bill minimization in the fire damage repair process. IRS Water Damage Repair Las Vegas team is the most obvious choice in this regard. We stand by 24/7 and provide you with the most robust and satisfying services when the building aces fire and the fire brigade has left the building by making everything wet under the foam and water.

Life-saving measures

When we reach your location within minutes of your call to our company, we take an expert analysis of the situation and provide you with the damage repair plan. Our technicians cut the main power supply to the building if it is still on. And we look for any hidden sparks and flames that could erupt again into flam and make all the efforts of the fire brigade team go in vain.

Inventory evacuation and restoration

The next step is the most loved feature of our company. People in Las Vegas appreciate our local heroes because we take care of your inventory, furniture, and appliances and restore them to their former glory. We use our professional expertise and professional tools to repair your items and prevent you from spending thousands of dollars replacing everything inside.

Water removal

We set up the nexus of robust industrial-grade pumps that take out all the water from inside the building to make the area clean and provide us with the space to work for the fire damage repair process in real terms. Our technicians start working right away and start protecting the property from staying in contact with water.

Drying and dehumidification

The next thing we do in the fire damage repair process is to dry and dehumidify the building. Only drying is not enough to protect you from mold and mildew creation and the swelling of furniture and material in the future. Our technicians provide lasting measure sand use with innovative moisture detectors to detect the hidden water molecules and evaporate them using robust and powerful heaters. You should not use the hairdryer or the traditional heater in this regard as they could damage and destroy the area, and you could also get hurt or electrocuted.

Damage repair

The last step in the fire damage repair process requires our technicians to look for the areas that sustain damage and require repair. Our technicians use high-quality material, primer, and paint to make everything as it was before the fire broke in the facility. We provide lasting measures most affordably and efficiently to protect you from damage in the future.